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Restaurang Meet

written by jacob, on Nov 30, 2009 12:23:00 PM.

Located on Geijersgatan, close to Götaplatsen, Meet is a cozy restaurant that is specialized in meat dishes. The food is in general very good and the prices are moderate. There is a nice assortment of starters, a fairly substantial list of main courses and a few desserts. The wine list is fairly short, but the wines are well selected for the food that is served and are among the best in their respective price category. Whoever picks the wines for the list is doing a very good job. Meet is open every day from 17:00 until fairly late. Last night we were in a mood for fish and seafood. A bleak roe and salmon starter was quite traditional, but very nice nonetheless. What was advertised as a clam chowder turned out to be a mussel chowder on a lobster base. Well executed, but not quite what was advertised. For main courses, we had a piece of halibut done in the oven, with filled pasta and a langustine/crab sauce. The pasta and the sauce were excellent while the halibut was overdone. A poached piece of trout was perfectly cooked, but again it was covered with a lobster based sauce, which managed to kill the subtle flavours of the fish.

This was not our first visit to Meet. In the past we have had their steaks which are served with your pick of side dishes and they are excellent. Especially the Texas entrecote is to be recommended. You get a high quality piece of meat at a decent price. If you pick a potato gratin or Tartiflette as one of your side dishes, you are sure not to leave the table hungry. I would dearly have liked this place to have been in business when I was a student. It is too expensive for regular visits on a student budget, but for the rare splurge after exams it would have been perfect.