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Routers are of very different quality

written by jacob, on Dec 10, 2010 12:45:48 AM.

I have a home network setup with an ADSL modem for my incoming connection. Connected to the modem is a 4 port router with a WiFi access point, allowing me to connect machines through wired Ethernet and wireless access. This is a very common setup that can be found in millions of homes and offices.

I used to have a D-Link DI-624, which broke after a couple of years. I bought a new one of the same type, since I liked the user interface. It also broke just after it was out of warranty. This time I decided to buy a Linksys WRT 54GL, which has more or less the same specifications as the D-Link box. This was back in February of 2010. My first impression was not all that favourable, because the Linksys box was slightly harder to configure than the D-Link one.

During all my years with the D-Link equipment I had constant problems with the ADSL line hanging, forcing me to reboot the ADSL modem. Sometimes the router would hang and I would have to reboot it. Early on it would happen a couple of times a week and for most of 2009 it would happen once or twice a day. I would blame it on having a bad quality ADSL line and never thought much about the role of my equipment (the support staff at my ISP never mentioned the router as a possible source of problems, even though they saw exactly what equipment I had through their diagnostic tools).

I have now had the Linksys router for 10 months, and I have just had one outage. That one was caused by the ADSL modem breaking.

I have searched the Internet extensively for reviews like this and not found any, which is why I think it is by the time someone blogged about equipment reliability. If you have similar stories comparing different products, please leave a comment or write it up in your own blog.

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