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Jacobs tankar om och med kvalitet

Tre små rum

written by jacob, on Jan 18, 2010 2:39:00 PM.

This is not a restaurant, it is a small pub in the basement on Kristinelundsgatan, 3 blocks away from Avenyn. The pub is very cozy and quiet, even when full on a Saturday night. This is very much accomplished with rugs and other sound dampening materials on the walls and the background music being kept at a very comfortable level. The pub only serves good quality beer and it has signs by the bar warning you against asking for Heineken, Carlsberg or any of the other industrial excuses for beers. It carries a full assortment of local and regional beers, like Ocean, Dugges and Grebbestad. It also does really well in the assortment of Witbier, Belgian beers and real British ales. This is mainly a place for a regular clientele of beer aficionados, and the proprietor can sometimes be a bit abrasive. Nevertheless, unless you are there to chat with the staff, that doesn't matter much. Their knowledge about beer and the assortment are both excellent. Prices are naturally somewhat higher than for the standard assortment, but not high enough to keep you away.