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Jacobs tankar om och med kvalitet

Hello Monkey

written by jacob, on Dec 10, 2009 12:04:00 AM.

This restaurant is situated near the southern end of Magasinsgatan, inside the moat in central Göteborg. It has a small ground floor with a bar/open kitchen and tall bar tables. Downstairs in the basement is a larger dining room. Both floors are cozy and inviting. The restaurant serves Asian Fusion, with sashimi, noodles, spicy tiger prawns, beef tateki and various other dishes. They also do Dim Sum - little treasures in the Cantonese kitchen. Hello Monkey has its own modern version of Dim Sum and goes more for the fried and deep fried variety than the steamed dishes.

We started with a Japanese tartrar, which was excellent and continued with the set menu of Dim Sum. We got steamed potstickers, vietnamese style spring rolls, deep fried entrecote dumplings, shrimp cakes, a little cigarlike roll and plenty of greens. It was all served with 4 different dip sauces. The whole thing was excellent. We finished the meal with a white chocolate parfait, which was ok, but not up to the quality of the starter and the main dish. The prices are quite moderate and the service was quick and attentive. Since really good asian food is hard to come by in Göteborg, we will become regular visitors at Hello Monkey.