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Magnus & magnus

written by jacob, on Dec 3, 2009 2:54:00 AM.

Magnus & Magnus has been my favourite restaurant for almost 10 years. It doesn't do white tablecloths and stern immaculate service, which means that it never gets top ratings from Göteborgsposten. It simply does excellent food in a laid back restaurant, with the most perfect service imaginable. It also does wine matching with the food better than any other restaurant I have visited, and that includes some of the top rated restaurants in the world. The New York times did a better job of ranking this place than anybody else, when they visited Scandinavia a couple of years ago. They had the best time of their trip at Magus & Magnus. I have managed to go to this restaurant about 40 times in the last 10 years, and almost every one of these occasions have created a memory for life. Tonight was way beyond expectations. I went to the restaurant fairly tired and weary, just expecting a decent meal and a bit of relaxation. I ended up with a highly inspiring combination of dishes and wines that will be remembered for a long time. Anders, who runs the dining room this evening makes us feel so much attended to that we don't relly notice that he serves a table with 10 people at the same time. W pick a set menu of 4 dishes and add an extra dish to it. This doesn't even cause a raised eyebrow. We ask for a wine package with a glass to go with each dish, and the wine matching couldn't be better. A viognier from Languedoc matches the terrine of langoustine perfectly. A beef carpachio is matched with an Australian Pinot Gris. Reindeer with Christmassy herbs is matched with a modern Priorat. It is all topped off with a dessert of youghurt icecream and carrots with honey marshmallows; a wonderful dessert for grownups. While Magnus & Magnus is not a cheap place, it is extremely good value for the money for anyone who cares about the taste experience more than the status factor and who thinks friendly competent service matters. If you are out to get intimidated, this is not the place to go. If you want everyone to have a good and relaxed dinner, this is one of the best places in the world.