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Svarta Oliver

written by jacob, on Dec 22, 2009 7:40:00 PM.

Svarta Oliver is located at the crossing between Chalmersgatan and Kristinelundsgatan, two blocks away from Avenyn. It is a cozy restaurant with bare red brick walls in the basement of the house. The kitchen is Medierranean, with a Greek focus, without going to the extreme Souvlaki - Bouzouki - Retsina cliché. The menu is quite substantial and prices are moderate with a few dishes being quite cheap. The wine list is fairly short, but the selection is competent and reasonably priced. The restaurant is open Sundays, which is good to know, because the selection is quite limited those days.

I had some oven baked Feta cheese and Mousaka at our visit. Both were really good, with the Mousaka being about the best one I have ever had. The latter dish is among the cheap ones, where you can get a reasonable meal for 99 SEK. Other people around the table had Grilled Mushrooms, Swordfish, Deep Fried Squid Rings, Chicken and Beef Steak. Everyone was quite happy with their meals.

In my opinion, Svarta Oliver is currently the best deal in town for Greek style food.