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Bliss Resto

written by jacob, on Dec 16, 2009 12:52:00 AM.

Bliss is located on Magasinsgatan, at Makarna Todds Plats. The restaurant is a bit anonymously furnished. It is a really good place to eat lunch, and this evening we decided to try their tapas. What we got was an assortment of quite small tapas dishes. A lamb chorizo on a cauliflower puré and fried mushrooms were very good, while the cold meats and olives were just up to our (fairly high) standards. Unfortunately a dish of mushroom soup and one of artichokes never showed up (though they did on the bill). This meant that we were still hungry and ordered some food from the main menu. A linguine in a pesto sauce turned out to be a huge portion of quite decent pasta. A chanterelle soup and scallops with chorizo went down well across the table. Along the way we had an incident with a glass of bad wine, which was not replaced as willingly as I would have expected. Their Margarita was good though. All together, I consider the tapas to be good and overpriced, while the main dishes are decent and quite cheap. My pasta was priced at 99 SEK, and it would be a large meal, even for a hungry student. The wine list is not very impressive, and the service was not as prompt as I would have expected with the fairly slow business this evening.

This leaves me with quite mixed feelings; while the food was good, the rest of the experience was quite unimpressive.


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